It’s Happening: Testing for Mars Mission

Wow, to think that it takes 1 whole year to get to Mars. Testing is already under way for a mission that is planned for another 13 years! The 2015 film The Martian, starring Matt Damon will be a classic. NASA is still debating whether or not to send humans on the first mission. What do you think, should they? Mars One has posted the qualifications to apply for astronaut and already began a selection process for the first human mission to Mars planned in 2024. Here is a great article on NASA’s first rocket engine test…history in the making:


NASA test fires rocket engine for future Mars mission

By      Published March 24, 2017

NASA tested part of the rocket that will likely take humans to Mars at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi on March 23. The engines will power the agency’s new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket on future deep space missions.

This is the second RS-25 engine test for 2017 and the space agency has more planned. The engines will be part of the most powerful rocket in the world, according to NASA.

He added it would take around one year to travel to Mars aboard the spacecraft, which NASA hopes to reach in the 2030’s.

The engines got their start during the space shuttle program. NASA found a way to reuse the engines by upgrading them for use during deep space missions.

The space agency is currently studying whether or not to add a human crew to the first test flight for the SLS.

For more information on this article, please visit FOX News Tech


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