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Tanger Outlets Houston

Tanger Outlets welcomes over 185 million shoppers each year at 44 locations in the United States and Canada! This outdoor shopping mall features a variety of brand-name & designer outlet stores.

Location: 5885 Gulf Freeway, Texas City, TX 77591

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$100 off encyclopediasSince 1915, World Book, Inc. has been committed to creating accurate, objective, and reliable materials that have been consistently ranked by teachers, librarians, and families as the best in the education market. Thousands of experts make the ever-popular and stunningly comprehensive World Book Encyclopedia the most current and up-to-date print and online encyclopedia available. Our titles span a range of subjects and ages, from the 100th Anniversary Commemorative edition of the 2017 World Book Encyclopedia, to exciting new offerings such as Enigmas of History, Building Blocks of Science: Life Science, and Endangered Animals of the World. World Book produces exemplary reference products and educational nonfiction in print and digital forms. We provide free shipping in the U.S.A. and Canada.

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Yizzam Clothing

Yizzam creates fun photo realistic clothing for those that love art, vintage designs, comic books, furry animals, and including space! Currently over 10,000 items. All items our items are Made in the USA with Enviro-Safe Dyes. Fresh designs updated weekly. Wild styles and comfortable fabrics, that’s what Yizzam is all about. For us, clothing is a blank canvas where we can create rich, photo-quality clothing designs that blow our customers minds away. We strive for originality, love the beautiful and have a passion for creating the unique. As a Miami-based apparel company, every Yizzam piece is American designed and every thread is American sewn.   We are meticulous about quality and we are proud to say that our customers, located all over the world, are over the moon with our products. We designed all our clothing with the tropics in mind (we’d know, they’ve been extensively tested down here). All items are 100% Made in USA.

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Yizzam Clothing




Skin by Nature Inc. is a unique, natural skin care company. We offer fresh, quality products that are made with care and take time to develop. Skin by Nature Inc. products are created in small batches to ensure the freshest possible product for our customers. Your order will not ship out the next day, because some of our products are not made until the order is received. Our packaging is clean, simple and allows us to offer the best natural skin care products at a price everyone can afford. We are a no-nonsense, fantastic quality, incredibly effective, and affordable SKIN CARE company! We take immense pride in delivering a top quality product, therefore your product will never be more than 10 days old, (except cold process soaps). This is our “Freshness Pledge” to you!

Skin by Nature,Inc. was formed in January 2012 to sell the finest in natural skin care products at an affordable price. We have something most companies of this size don’t have, a chemist with over 35 years experience in developing and formulating the most natural skin care products at the lowest cost to the customer.

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